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The True (Not Exactly True) Story of Thanksgiving

The True (Not Exactly True) Story of Thanksgiving

An original (not totally original) comic opera by Mark Landson.




Four Day Weekend Theater Dallas  (info)

5601 Sears St, Dallas 75206 | map | web




Four Day Weekend Theater Fort Worth  (info)

312 Houston St., Fort Worth 76102 | map | web

An original comic opera by Mark Landson presents the real story of Thanksgiving (sort of) as told by changing the words of popular classical music masterpieces! OK, so the music part is not original, OK? Otherwise, totally original and mostly sort of true!

Did you know?

This show presents fascinating bits of history like the fact the Pilgrims felt they had to risk death in order to avoid listening to the Dutch language! Hear the misery as pilgrims complain they can't get a good cheeseburger! Find out the hilarious misunderstanding that led to the treaty between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe that stood for more than 50 years! Plus, live roasting clarinettist Brent Buemi in a turkey suit!

This hilarious show is not to be missed!

This show will be produced in November at the Four Day Weekend Theater in Dallas and also at the Four Day Weekend Theater in Fort Worth. ALL DATES TBA.

Cast (subject to change):

Gov. John Carver, tenor - TBD
Rev. William Brewster, bass/baritone - Travis McGuire
Squanto, baritone - TBD
Chief Massasoit, bass/baritone - TBD

Priscilla Mullins, soprano - TBD
Catherine Carver, coloratura soprano - TBD
Mary Brewster, lyric soprano - Lara Beth Bliss
Massasoit’s wife, mezzo - Robin Willis

William Mullins - TBD

Violin - Mark Landson
Piano - Thiago Nascimento
Clarinet - Brent Buemi
Violin -
Bassoon -

Production Manager:
Stage Manager:
Costumes: Patricia Yakesch

1. The Pilgrims suffer persecution
“Now we know how Tom Cruise feels!”
Sung to Carl Orff’s "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana

2. The Pilgrims set out for New World
“Wouldn't you all love to go on a cruise and sit snug by the fire for a Cape Cod winter?”
Sung to Giuseppe Verdi’s "Anvil Chorus" from Il Trovatore

3. The Pilgrims arrive in the New World
“Behold this rock will be a tourist site!”
Sung to GF Handel’s "Rejoice Greatly" from the Messiah

4. Pilgrims suffer through The Starving Time
“Someone please bring me a Wendy's bacon double cheese”
Sung to Purcell’s “When I am Laid in Earth”

5. Squanto teaches the Pilgrims how to plant corn
“Miss, couldn't help but notice...”
Sung to Mozart’s "La ci darem la mano" from Don Giovanni

6. Treaty between the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims
“Wait, you said you thought we’d give you WHAT?”
Sung to Georges Bizet’s Pearl Fishers duet

7. The hunt for the perfect drumstick lands a turkey in hot water
Rondo alla Turkey, Turkey in the Straw

8. Pilgrims and Indians alike celebrate Thanksgiving dinner
“Nothing beats cooking a turkey to celebrate!”
Sung to Rossini’s "Largo al factotum" from The Barber of Seville

9. Friendship Chorus Finale
“Rise up - lift your spirits as high as your cup!”
Sung to Verdi’s Brindisi Chorus from La Traviata

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