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Classical Open Mic Dallas

Classical Open Mic Dallas

An eclectic mix of local performers: amateurs, students, and professionals. Professional piano accompanist provided for all. A great way to hang out with friends or meet new people.




Buzzbrews in Lakewood  (info)
1st + 3rd Tuesdays 8PM-11PM

5815 Live Oak St #102, Dallas TX 75214 | map | web

Plus 331 more...

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at The Brewers Arms at Buzzbrews in Lakewood.

Classical Open Mic is a free and open weekly event, where professional and amateur classical musicians can play anything they desire related to classical music. From violin solos to opera arias to string quartets and horn concertos, musicians of all levels are welcomed to share their talents with the friendly and appreciative cafe audience.

A professional pianist is available to accompany you on opera arias, flute sonatas, cello concertos, you name it! They will sightread your piece, which means there are likely to be some mistakes, but it’s part of the fun of making music on the spot.

The full Buzzbrews menu is available and delicious with wonderful beer, wine, and dessert selections to enhance the jovial atmosphere of the evening.

How can I play?

Everybody who plays classical music is welcome to join. Click the sign up link below to grab your slot.

All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. There are always professional musicians who perform, as well as amateurs and students. Musicians of all levels enjoy this unique opportunity to have fun making music in front of a welcoming, receptive audience. Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere where all can share their talents and not be afraid to be harshly judged. Mistakes are pretty common and part of the open mic experience.

The beautiful Yamaha NU1 Piano at Buzzbrews is donated by Metroplex Piano for exclusive use of our event. A huge thanks to them for being our sponsor!


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