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A new experience with classical music

With a comfortable and welcoming spirit, Open Classical produces highly entertaining music events that combine classical artistry with innovative concepts of audience engagement and sometimes comedic antics for the enjoyment by audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Based in Dallas, TX, our passion is our ongoing flourishing community of supporters, fans and performers which has enabled the organization to fulfill it's mission of putting classical music into the heart of everyday popular culture.

Creating community, providing opportunity.

Most people bond with music through a group shared experience, yet most people perceive classical music to be something that must be experienced in silence and is not conducive to sharing with friends. Our free, community events like Classical Open Mic, on the other hand, allow friends to bond through conversation while performers share their talents on stage. This allows performers to bring friends, share their talents, be advocates for their art form, and expose their non-musician friends to the new experience.

High level musicians can use the open mic experience to help build an initial audience, and then create acts which can be placed on professional Artist Series concerts. These concerts give high quality performers the ability to further build their audience and get paid for their efforts. Artist Series concerts are normally $Name-Your-Own-Price, allowing access to fans of all levels, and provides a model which builds value for the art form. Artists are paid according to a formula that takes into account people in attendance and money paid. Most times, performing groups are paid an extra amount over the money paid in ticket sales, with the extra amount coming from Open Classical partner donors.

Our People

Mark Landson, Founder and Director

With a lifetime commitment to classical music combined with an entrepreneurial drive, Mark has brought a dream to life with Open Classical. His vision is to provide an opportunity for musicians to hone their skills while simultaneously creating a new experience for fans and performers. His creativity, leadership and love for story-telling is central to the spirit of the organization.

Thiago Nascimento, Piano Gymnast

Co-host, piano accompanist, composer, and improvised comedian, Thiago is a creative human bundle of art. More importantly, he shares his extraordinary musical talent in dramatic expressions that tell a story with each performance. Truly representing any composer's creation, he connects to the audience with profound and passionate emotion.

Brent Buemi, Dallas Classical Open Mic Host

Brent is a wonderful clarinetist and the welcoming host of Dallas Classical Open Mic. His sense of humor and willingness to wear any costume comes into play in many Open Classical productions!

And many valued volunteers sharing their time and talents...

Patricia Yakesch

Nikola Olic

Serkan Zanagar

Monty Daniels

Charles Biel

Kelly Ball

Jon Hess

Kristen Sharack

Lori Brennan

George Mahn

Natasha Spencer

Tammy Meinershagen

Board of Directors

Nikola Olic, President
Monty Daniels, Vice President
Kelly Ball, Secretary
Harvey Siegler, Past President
Ronnie Craver
Nowell Gattica
Sheri Manning
Earl Browning
Linda Huffaker
Brina Palencia


We greatly appreciate the people, venues and organizations that support us!

AllGood Cafe
Buttons Restaurant, Food and Music
BuzzBrews Kitchen
Charlie Biel, Photographer
Klyde Warren Park
Kristin Colaneri Campbell, Production/Stage Manager
Metroplex Piano Warehouse
Naturally Curly Cook’s Kelly Ball
Serkan Zanagar, Photographer​
SMU Meadows School of the Arts
WRR Classical 101 FM

Plus the cast of characters that perform and applaud at Classical Open Mic and other events!

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