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NBC Channel 5 in Dallas, November 28, 2015

A look at Open Classical’s Classical Open Mic

Airing the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, Channel 5 profiled some of the people that make Classical Open Mic such a special event.

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Theater Jones, December 2015

Open Classical named as a favorite of 2015 arts scene.

“Open Classical DFW and its founder, Mark Landson, continue to innovate in the DFW arts scene.”

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Dallas Observer, December 28, 2015

Classical Open Mic named best thing to do this week

If you’ve been aching to dust off your clarinet skills, sign up for a slot at openclassical.org or just sit back and watch things get eclectic.

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Dallas Observer, June 2015

From Weekly Open Mic to Citywide Phenomenon, Open Classical Keeps It Casual

Landson describes the three-tier approach he has developed — the open mic, the Artist Series and the theater shows — as a carefully designed attack on the problems he believes are threatening classical music’s future.

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KERA radio, Art & Seek May 2015

“Open Classical Takes Classical Music in a New Direction”

Landson calls the Classical Open Mic a sort of laboratory where artists can feel free to create new work without pressure. He explains, “We’re looking at it from the social point of view where we’re taking classical music and it’s acting as a social glue to bind a community together.”

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Fort Worth Weekly, May 2015

In depth profile: “New Ways: Bringing art music to the masses”

Violist Mark Landson has spent the better part of his 25-year career pondering the question that’s commonly on the minds of classical musicians: How the heck do you get average music lovers as excited about art music as they are about rock ’n’ roll, hip-hop, and country?

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Theater Jones, March 2015

Review of Classically Jazzed Premier - “With Classically Jazzed, Mark Landson's Open Classical again finds a terrific way to present classical music in an innovative way.”

“Mark Landson and his Open Classical group have done it again—they’ve made classical music both innovative and fun, and with any luck have brought the genre to audiences who might shy away from a more traditional classical program.”

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Dallas Observer, January 2015

Artist Series 8 Review: “On a Night Out With Open Classical, I Ate Cheesecake and Met Composers”

I was reminded of what should have been obvious: Classical music is entertainment. I heard longing, loss and joy rendered into sound. Classical music is challenging, yes, but it isn't esoteric. It's for anyone who knows what it feels like to be human; the music translated that experience in a way that Top 40 simply can't.

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Theater Jones, December 2014

Open Classical recognized in their “Forward Thinkers” series.

Landson points out that for many musicians, classical music served as “social glue” perhaps through college, but for many musicians who eventually pursue non-musical careers, that connection is lost. His hope for Open Classical is that “people of all ages will have a way to connect around classical music, which becomes again an integrated part of their lives.”

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Theater Jones, December 2014

A review of The True (Not Exactly True) Story of Thanksgiving: “Fun and Memorable!”

I laughed for pretty much the entire hour of the production, and learned something about the history behind our celebration of Thanksgiving, besides.

Thus, I recommend that you go next year, when Landson promises a reprise, with a few additions and edits.

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The Dallas Observer, September 2014

Mark Landson and Patricia Yakesch recognized in the “Top 100 Creatives in Dallas” series.

“Essentially, we are creating an alternative universe for classical music, both in terms of audience experience and professional opportunities for musicians,” Mark tells me.

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The Dallas Morning News, May 2014

Eden Stiffman highlights Classical Open Mic in Frisco.

“Part artistic experience, part social event, the events draw people who might never set foot in a concert hall.”

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Dallas Observer, March 2014

Chris Shafer previews The Bach and Wing, Live Classical Music Tap Dance Extravaganza.

“The latest tweaked and twisted offering from Open Classical. They're the mad classical geniuses who brought you things like amplified chamber music concerts and a comedy Halloween show with decomposing Beethoven and Mozart.”

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Dallas News GuideLive October 2013

Dallas News GuideLive picks “Night of the Living Dead Composers” as #1 quirky thing to do for Halloween

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Classical 101.1 FM Radio, March 2013

Barry Samsula interviews Open Classical Director Mark Landson in advance of their first Klyde Warren Park show. On-Air Performances by Damon K. Clark, Keron Jackson and Katelyn Harris tap dancing to Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins.

Dallas Observer, January 2013

Classical Music critic Katie Womack checks out Classical Open Mic and finds out it’s a whole lot of crazy fun.

“I attended one skeptically - there's nothing more cringe inducing than a bad open mic - but I was surprised by the quality of both the performances and the atmosphere.”
“Mark Landon and pianist Thiago Nascimento are the driving forces behind the success of these casual open mic nights. The event works because they will try anything, play anything, and play with anyone.”

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Crave DFW, January 2013

Sally Page-Stuck checks out the action at Classical Open Mic .

“professional musicians, music students and average folks with a love of music, perform for the fun of it.”
“There is a playfulness about the evening, which shows a side of classical musicians not often seen by the public. Without the exacting confines of concert performance, musicians are free to take chances.”

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Classical 101.1 FM Radio, August 2011

When Classical Open Mic was in its infancy, Quin Matthews took notice and invited Mark Landson to talk about it on “Arts Matters”.

This was before there were so many people there we had to amplify the sound, and also when we had a terrible Betsy Ross spinet piano to deal with.

“Inside the sound of this strange instrument that barely sounds like a piano, you can hear a serious talent.”

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