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Promote classical music and meet new friends...Host a MeetUp for any DFW Classical Music event.

Open Classical runs the DFW Classical Music MeetUp group. There are over 700 people currently signed up for the group that are looking for classical music events to go to with like minded people. It’s a great way to meet new friends or just have some people to hang out with when you go to the Dallas Symphony, opera, or Open Classical events. We pay a yearly fee to use the MeetUp platform, and as a community service, we allow anyone to use the group for any event they want to go to or promote.

Want to post or host an event on DFW Classical Music Meet Up?

That is highly encouraged! Here’s how...

Any individual or organization in DFW can use the MeetUp group to help their event promotion. There are a few guidelines to make it successful for the MeetUp group, however. MeetUp is not just a concert announcement or promotion vehicle. When used well, it's a very effective way to get people to bond over the experience of your event and want to attend more. We use it this way for Open Classical, and here are the guidelines we use for the events we post, and require from other organizations and individuals posting events.

#1. Join the MeetUp group, create your profile. To post or host an event, you must be a member.

#2. There should be a host of the event that is not performing. This is so people can actually meet a person at the event and have an instant connection. That's the whole point of MeetUp.

#3. At least 3 people should say they are going to the event. This can include performers. This shows activity on the event and encourages people that it will be a good experience and that there will be people they can socialize with (which, again, is the point of MeetUp).

#4. The event host should have a profile picture and have a filled out profile. This is so people can recognize them at the event and gives the impression they are an inviting fun person that people might want to hang out with.

#5. State in the instructions where people are going to meet before the show and if there are plans to hangout afterwards or before.

Most people who are in MeetUp want social experiences where they can feel like they are going to an event with other people. They want to meet people and discover new things. That could be great for you to make some new fans for the long term. It does require a bit of work, however, to make sure the environment is right for fostering that.

Mark Landson
Director, Open Classical
Organizer of DFW Classical Music MeetUp Group

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