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The Marbriago Trio

Viola, Clarinet and Piano Trio overflowing with romantic, lush musicality

The Marbriago Trio
Mark Landson (viola), Brent Buemi (clarinet) and Thiago Nascimento (piano)

The lush sounds of Mark Landson (viola), Brent Buemi (clarinet) and Thiago Nascimento (piano) pull you into a romantic musical world.

Past Events





Orna Goldwater House  (info)
8:00pm in North Dallas

Exact address revealed to attendees, Dallas TX 75287 | map


The Marbriago Trio has won praise for their lush, natural musicality, which they mix with fun banter and comedic touches in their performances. Made of the three most integral musicians of Open Classical’s famous Classical Open Mic in Dallas: OC Director Mark Landson (viola), Dallas Open Mic host Brent Buemi (clarinet), and all-around mulit-talented piano gymnast Thiago Nascimento (piano).

As the Marbriago Trio, the three have bonded musically over the years, creating their own hyper-romantic interpretations of the trio repertoire for Viola, Clarinet and Piano.

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