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Buemi and Landson at Classic Blend

Buemi and Landson at Classic Blend
Mozart and Bruch Trios - FREE

Beautiful clarinet, viola and piano trios in a relaxed coffeeshop setting.

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Union Coffee  (info)
8pm @ Union Coffee

5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas TX 75206 | map | web


Classical Blend monthly series at Union Coffee is run by Open Classical regular performer Mandy Milliot. She does an amazing job putting on fun shows where the audience is asked many times to partake in a kazo o choir!

Brent Buemi and Mark Landson play the Mozart “Kegelstatt” Trio and Max Bruch’s Romantic Pieces.

After that, Mandy’s Americana-folk duo with Sal Bautista, “Idy Red” will be performing a fun set of classic old-timey songs on tons of instruments, including voice, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and tenor banjo! Idy Red is like a full bluegrass band squished into two people.

And then...kazoo choir! This time it will be Mickey Mourse March. Come for fun and great music!

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