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Classically Jazzed plus Rahim Quazi Band

Opener: Thiago Nascimento, piano

Classically Jazzed plus Rahim Quazi
Thiago Nascimento solo piano opens

Mark Landson plays Bach and Vivaldi violin concertos played with a jazz combo! Thiago Nascimento solo set to open, Rahim Quazi band headlines.

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The Live Oak Music Hall  (info)
8pm @ the Live Oak, Ft Worth

1311 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth TX 76104 | map | web

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The perfect way to start Valentine's Day weekend! With a significant other or a group of good friends, this show will soothe your soul and lift you up.

Acclaimed Open Classical project “Classically Jazzed” takes classical music favorites and reimagines them as virtuoso Jazz pieces. Mark Landson’s take on Vivaldi and Bach violin concertos has been called innovative and fresh. With a combo of the top classical and jazz musicians in DFW, the effect is a fusion of Bach and Gershwin, an eclectic and vibrant experience like no other!

Video of Vivaldi’s Allegro from A minor concert »

Video of Vivaldi’s slow jam from A minor concerto »

TheaterJones said “Mark Landson and his Open Classical group have done it again–they’ve made classical music both innovative and fun”, calling it a “delightful performance” with “consistently excellent musicians.” CraveDFW said “Always innovative, Open Classical just raised the bar.”

Vocalist Jeremy Smith makes his debut with the Classically Jazzed group.

The Rahim Quazi full band headlines this eclectic bill. Rahim writes and performs melodies more comfortable than a feather bed and comfortable as your favorite sneakers. His new album Ghost Hunting is near the top of every list of top albums from DFW in 2015. The all-star band backing him creates nuance and power, building and releasing tension to every inevitable feel good climax.

Thiago Nascimento is a pianist praised for his innate musicality, impressive technique, and ability to improvise in a variety of styles. Born in Brazil, he was raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His unique talents span classical piano technique, expressive musicality, "stride" jazz piano, improvisation and composition. In addition, his comedic nature and ability to seamlessly integrate slapstick comedy and combine any melodic fragment into any other piece of music on the spur of the moment (no matter how serious or inappropriate) inevitably brings to mind visions of a young Victor Borge.


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